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Daily Three: July 10


July 10, 2020

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  1. Client Question: “Can I still make a contribution to a traditional Individual Retirement Account (“IRA”) and claim a deduction on my 2019 tax return?” Make your contribution by July 15th. Answered by Joe Perera


  1. Client Question: “If our employees are self-reporting on a regular basis before returning to the office, how should we be recording and storing all of that information and data? Is there anything that should be considered?”  Maintain confidentiality.  Answered by Laura Friedel


  1. Client Question: “I am still working with customers that I know are in financial difficulty. If a customer files for bankruptcy, is there a risk that I may need to return any of the monies I’ve been paid?” Maximize your recovery and mitigate risk. Answered by Harold Israel and Sean Williams


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