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The LP Way

Our goal is to deliver an unparalleled and consistent client experience.

The real value of The LP Way lies not in the language we use to describe it, but in how we execute it—together.

Our vision is to innovate and set a new standard in the delivery, design, and value of legal services for discerning businesses and their owners.

Our clients understand and appreciate the power of collaborative partnerships. Our strategic advantage is The LP Way—a model for creating an unparalleled client experience at an exceptional value.

We believe every voice has value.

Our client relationships are strategic partnerships rooted in knowledge, understanding, and care that goes beyond any given legal issue. 

Every member of our team is genuinely invested in our clients’ goals, and we collaborate productively to achieve them.

Client Service Pledge

Know your client

No surprises

Move with speed and quality

Establish expectations, then beat them

These five steps define how we run our business, with our clients at the center of everything we do.

Attract and retain talent

Everything begins with the right people.

  • Brand
  • Recruiting
  • Experience
Lead by example

Every member of our team lives our non-negotiable values.

  • Put client goals first
  • Commit to personal growth and responsibility
  • Collaborate
  • Treat people with respect
Cultivate effective teams

Our strategy lives through how we work together.

  • Collaborate within and across practice areas
  • Work with innovation, consistency, and efficiency
  • Systems designed to share knowledge
  • Individual and group plans align with the firm’s plan
Align systems

Effective system alignment fosters the right behaviors.

  • Governance
  • Development
  • Reward
  • Operations
Ask for feedback

Self-awareness is paramount.

  • Emphasize lifelong learning
  • Pursue insights for personal growth
  • Conduct 360-degree surveys
  • Seek client input and interviews

client experience.

The LP Way is a strategy, not a slogan.

It is not a marketing gimmick. The LP Way creates a common language within the firm to ensure everyone is focused on consistent client service and understands how the firm is aligned to best achieve it. Only by doing that can we accomplish our goal of creating an unparalleled client experience.


We commit to ensuring that LP clients feel special every step of the way. This is The LP Way. Every person and system in the firm is part of the experience.

Experience the LP difference. We build lasting partnerships that help clients and businesses thrive.