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Daily Three: August 17


August 17, 2020

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  1. Q: How should employers handle employee complaints about wearing a mask at work? We answered this common question and explained other considerations here. Authored by Becky Canary-King


  1. As Illinois state and federal courts are examining racism in the court system, so too is the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC). As part of that process, the ARDC recently announced that it has formed an Equal Justice Committee (EJC) to “to examine the ethical rules that govern Illinois attorneys’ conduct with the goal of determining whether amendment of those rules is necessary to enhance attorneys’ rights and refocus attorneys’ duties to act in a manner that supports the equal and fair application of justice.” Read more about the EJC and its objectives. Authored by Christina Carriere Lutz


  1. Hiring under “normal” circumstances can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. But hiring – or starting a new job – during a pandemic that has upended daily life and the way businesses function… well, that is something else entirely. Read some best practices for businesses that are engaged in the hiring process while still functioning with a largely remote workforceAuthored by Tom CallamClare Trainor, and Christine Organ


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