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LP for insurance brokerages

LP has one of the nation’s most active and sophisticated insurance brokerage transactions practices, representing clients in traditional M&A (both buy-side and sell-side), capital raises, and internal perpetuation. Our clients include private equity-backed and employee-owned national and regional insurance brokers, including retail, wholesale, and specialty brokers, program administrators, and third-party administrators. We maintain close relationships with leading insurance brokerage M&A intermediaries and are regularly engaged to serve as sell-side M&A counsel to insurance agencies and their owners.


Steven M. Weiss
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Jason Romick
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Summary deal data

Why clients choose us

We get deals done. 

Our team has closed more than 500 insurance brokerage transactions. Years of feedback tell us that clients choose us because we get deals done efficiently. We don’t get bogged down with minor details, and we don’t over-lawyer transactions. We focus on what is important to our clients to achieve their goals.

We are a full-service firm, steeped in the insurance brokerage industry. 

As such, we regularly advise clients not only with mergers and acquisitions, but with the wide array of ancillary legal issues that arise.

We represent both buyers and sellers. 

Because we’ve worked on both sides of the deal, we can anticipate and guide clients through sticking points. Further, due to the extensive number of deals we have handled, we have access to a wide range of data, client feedback, and best practices that we use to help our clients structure their transaction and navigate any issues that may arise.

“I highly recommend Steven Weiss and the team at Levenfeld Pearlstein. Steven was responsive and available, detailed and thorough, knowledgeable of the M&A process and easy to work with. My M&A consultant also found the team to be one of the best.”

—Brian Barrick, former owner of Personal Care and Assisted Living Insurance Center, LLC

We represent some of the largest and most acquisitive insurance brokers in the world in connection with their M&A transactions. Because of our experience and knowledge of the industry, we have built comprehensive processes, efficiencies, methodologies, and staffing structures that facilitate an acquisitive growth strategy for clients.
We have the depth and breadth of experience in representing sellers of insurance agencies and books of business, with the capabilities to meet whatever issues may arise throughout the life of a deal. We work together with our other practice groups, who have extensive expertise working with the principals of selling agencies on ancillary transaction documents, including employment agreements and real estate leases.
Referral Sources
We have a vast network of financial advisory firms and other intermediaries that call on us when their clients are interested in selling their brokerage agencies. Our approach is pragmatic and collaborative. Because we have an intimate understanding of the industry, we don’t get bogged down in minor details that can derail or delay completion of a deal.

Insurance brokerage sale overview and timeline

The legal process for an insurance brokerage sale generally follows the following timeline, which typically takes 60–90 days to complete:

More information

We know the insurance brokerage industry inside and out. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or referral source, we will get your deal done efficiently and effectively. 

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LP is a leading law firm for buyers and sellers of insurance agencies, and the financial advisory firms that counsel them. Contact us to learn more about how we can meet your business needs.