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Can Condo Associations Rent their Activity Centers and Swimming Pools? Howard Dakoff Joins WGN’s ‘Chicago Afternoon News’ to Discuss Hot Topics Facing Condo Owners and Boards


June 21, 2022

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Howard Dakoff WGN Radio

LP Partner Howard Dakoff was recently interviewed by Lisa Dent on WGN’s “Chicago Afternoon News” to discuss hot topics for condo owners and community association boards, including the possibility of renting out community space, such as swimming pools and activity centers, as a way to generate extra income. Among other things, he discussed:

  • What to consider before doing so, including the costs and benefits of renting out community space
  • Suggestions on what condo boards should consider before renting out community space for additional revenue
  • The voting process for community associations when making important decisions
  • Illinois and City of Chicago laws regarding condo deconversions, which is when a  supermajority of owners vote to sell the entire building

Listen to the full interview on WGN’s “Chicago Afternoon News”.

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