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How to Handle COVID-19 Risks in the Workplace


December 7, 2020

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With coronavirus cases on the rise, it is important that employers take proactive steps to minimize the risk of exposure in the workplace. The following are recommended steps:

  • Require face coverings and provide PPE
  • Promote physical distancing and reduce opportunities for face-to-face interactions
  • Incorporate frequent and enhanced cleaning/disinfecting of the workplace
  • Use symptom questionnaires/certification for employees
  • Enhance COVID-related training and policies
  • Designate a COVID-19 lead or coordinator

Employers should also be prepared for the unfortunate event of a positive or suspected case of COVID-19 in your workplace. You will need to take certain steps to mitigate risks of exposure to other employees. 

The Labor & Employment Attorneys at Levenfeld Pearlstein are here to help with your COVID-19 employment-related questions, and other labor and employment needs as well.

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