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ESOP Industry Insider Series: A Conversation with ESOP Expert Kelly Finnell


June 28, 2023

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Partner David Solomon recently sat down with ESOP industry expert Kelly Finnell for a one-on-one conversation as part of LP’s ESOP Insider Series. In this insightful and engaging conversation, the two discussed what an ESOP is, what makes it an attractive strategy for business owners, what kinds of companies make for a good ESOP candidate, and advice for business owners – especially in this economic climate. Kelly also shares details about the unique beginnings to his career in the ESOP industry and some of his success stories.

Click on the links below to listen to a specific section:

Full Interview

Get to know Kelly Finnell, ESOP Consultant and CEO, President of EFS

What is an ESOP?

What is it about an ESOP that makes it an attractive strategy for business owners?

What makes for a good ESOP candidate?

What are the advantages of an ESOP?

How has the current economic climate impacted ESOP deals?

Debunking the “ESOP myths” and why don’t more trusted advisors recommend ESOPs?

What are some of your best ESOP success stories?

Advice for business owners considering an ESOP.


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