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Excellence is what our clients expect from us and what we expect of each other.

Professional Development Chair Brian Kozminski on LP's approach.

Any law firm can say it is different, and most do. We’ve found that being different can mean a lot of things… Or (upon closer inspection) it could mean nothing at all.  At LP, being “different” is not something we take lightly.  It is woven into the fabric of our success, and it takes shape in a variety of ways – our approach, our mission, and our culture.

It takes more than blue jeans and bagels on Fridays to create and maintain an engaged workplace (although they help). At LP, it is ultimately about cultivating an environment where people care about what they do, where they work, and with whom they work. To that end, we have invested in our people, and will continue to, because they are the foundation of this firm, the reason for our success and the key to our progress.

Yes, we are different, and we welcome the distinction.

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