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Process Improvement & Project Management Workshop

Event Date

August 06, 2019

Event Time

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Read Time

2 minutes


As business professionals, we are under an increasing amount of pressure from the market and our clients to deliver our end-product as efficiently as possible while increasing value to our companies and our customers. Lean and Six Sigma practices were once relegated to manufacturing organizations, but today, companies of all sizes are increasingly asking how they – and their clients – can become more efficient.

LP has heavily invested in process improvement, project management, and pricing (P3). Client value happens at the intersection of these three Ps, and delivering value is part of the LP commitment to an unparalleled and consistent client experience for you.

More than 85% of LP’s attorneys, paralegals, and directors were certified through the Legal Lean Sigma Institute in the last few years, and we find our strategic partners, Catherine Alman MacDonagh and Timothy Corcoran, to be an incredibly valuable resource; so much so that we want to share them with you, our clients.

Please join us, alone or with your teams, for a one-day workshop delivered by the Legal Lean Sigma Institute to learn about Process Improvement and Project Management. This workshop involves experiential learning, so you will be introduced to concepts and tools, then have opportunities to apply them. We at LP apply these concepts to both our legal and our business processes. The instructors will incorporate a variety of examples to demonstrate how these concepts apply in all types of businesses. Each table/team will select a process to explore during the workshop to learn about concepts and tools as they apply to something that is both immediately useful and relevant. At the end of the day, you will have earned your White Belt Certification in Legal Lean Sigma® Process Improvement and Project Management. 

Given the individualized nature of this program Space is limited, so please email as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

*This program is prequalified for CLE.



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