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Paula Krasny to Present on Advanced Licensing Agreements for PLI

Event Date

May 09, 2019

Event Time

9:00 AM

Read Time

1 minute


Intellectual property licensing continues to grow increasingly complex with the legal, regulatory and technical landscape constantly evolving.  Building and maintaining a successful and effective practice requires that practitioners stay sharp and current in a wide variety of key areas. Whether you are using licensing to develop technology, expand or create market opportunities, or generate returns from existing assets, managing licensing transactions requires a broad and deep toolkit.

Additionally, whether licensing patents, copyrights, trade secrets or trademarks, the ability to structure, draft and negotiate complex license agreements is critical to a successful transaction.

This comprehensive program will feature updates on current legal developments, present case studies highlighting best practices, discuss tactics for negotiating frequently contested issues, and provide guidance on identifying and avoiding common pitfalls. 

Intellectual Property Partner, Paula Jill Krasny, will present on Copyright, Content and Trademark Licensing. See below for more information on the topics covered.

  • Impact of digital distribution and media on licensing issues
  • Structuring the acquisition of rights in content: licenses vs. assignments and works made for hire
  • The latest developments: copyright termination of transfers and licenses
  • Preexisting content vs. newly created content
  • Licensing for social media and user-generated content
  • Analysis of key contract issues and negotiating points in content licenses
  • Quality control considerations
  • Advanced considerations in trademark and brand licensing
  • Review sample licensing provisions
  • Case law update and licensing implications
  • Implementing a brand licensing program

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