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LP Announces 4th of July Mid-Year Wellness Break 


May 24, 2022

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Stack of Stones in the ocean

At LP, we understand and appreciate the importance of health and wellbeing. When we’re feeling well—including mentally and emotionally—we can bring our better selves to work and to our relationships. Health and wellness aren’t just about physical health, but mental health and wellness too. Making health and wellness a priority can’t just be about lip service or a statement we place on our website. LP has always been committed to putting our intentions into action to create a positive—and unparalleled—experience.

To this end, LP is happy to announce that from July 1-5, LP will institute its first Mid-Year Wellness Break this year. As a result, the office will be closed for these five days, and we encourage our employees to be offline so they can recharge. If a time-sensitive client matter arises during this time, our attorneys will be available to assist.

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