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LP Executives to Present at Ark Group’s Mid-Sized Law Firms Conference

Event Date

May 23, 2019

Event Time

1:00 PM

Read Time

2 minutes


Are mid-sized law firms in a unique position to compete? Levenfeld Pearlstein thinks so… Three Levenfeld Pearlstein’s Executives will be presenting at Ark Group’s Mid-Sized Law Firms Conference.


Chairman and Managing Partner, Rob Romanoff will speak during a panel discussion on topic, “Competitive and Innovation Strategies – Looking Back and for the Next Ten Years.”

In today's law firm environment, mid‐sized law firms are in a unique position to compete.  Some view this segment as one facing challenges in scale, footprint and unable to afford the latest technological capabilities.  Others see it as an agile, fleetfooted group able to provide tailored services with a strong personal touch, and one where firms can exploit mid‐sized scale to be more responsive and tuned‐in to the clients they wish to serve, using new approaches to the practice.  In this panel, three managing partners from forward‐looking firms will discuss their strategies, thoughts on innovation, and how they think about the competitive marketplace, managing change to transform their practices, and views on data and other technologies changing the practice for the next ten years. 


Chief Financial Officer, Jeremy Gresham, and Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer, Andrea Maciejewski will present on a case study, “Using Data to Back Up Firm Assumptions about its Competitive Advantage.”

In an industry that is rapidly changing comes an increased pressure to develop, communicate and report on our perceived competitive advantages. Law firm professionals are then faced with a million daily decisions, options, ideas and pressures about where to invest our me and money. How can either of these be accomplished without tying our work to data and financial metrics? Chicago law firm Levenfeld Pearlstein’s CFO and CMO developed a decision‐making matrix that helps law firm leaders decide where moves and investments will have the biggest impact on margin and profitability of an area of law, practice group and ultimately, a firm.  



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