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How Insurance Issues Are Impacting the Accounting Industry


May 12, 2021

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Insurance is often top of mind for many accounting firms. Whether it’s professional liability insurance, cyber insurance, or tail coverage in connection with an M&A deal, insurance policy limits, premiums, pricing, and scope can be complicated issues for accounting firms.

In this article, Partner Russel Shapiro shares his conversation with David Koenen, Managing Principal at Lemme, a Division of EPIC. His organization is one of the largest insurance brokers in the country and has a special niche supporting accounting and law firms and their complex insurance needs. David has extensive experience working with CEOs, COOs, managing partners, and firm administrators to secure appropriate professional liability coverage for accounting and consulting firms.

Among other topics, David and Russell discuss the professional liability marketplace for accounting firms, trends in coverage and rates, and M&A insurance issues.

Read the full article here: Insurance Issues Impacting Accounting Firms: A Conversation with David Koenen, Managing Principal of Lemme, a Division of EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

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