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What Can We Do to Create Change?


June 1, 2020

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It is not business as usual.

LP shares in the profound anger, frustration, and grief of so many African-Americans and allies across this nation who are again reckoning with the violent effects of systemic racism. Each of us, like all of you, should continue to use our training, education, influence and voice to rectify injustice when we see it and create positive change.  

We at LP are committed to charitable engagement to support equality. We are talking with our community partners at The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, The Greater Chicago Food Depository, and Cristo Rey to better understand what they are doing now and what more we can do.

We invite you to do the same in your communities and with your charitable partners.

Is there a way you want to see us get involved? Is there an organization you are donating to that we should know about?

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