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LP’s Innovative Professional Development Program


December 3, 2018

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Picture of Melissa Nelson

Melissa Nelson

Creating an Agile, Resilient Workforce for Our Clients: LP’s Innovative Professional Development Program

LP further invests in commitment to clients and talent by adding leadership and professional development expert

Amidst the rapidly-changing landscape in the legal industry, it’s imperative for attorneys to be agile and resilient to meet the demands of the market today. LP took a deliberate step in the talent development direction two years ago when the governance system was restructured to prioritize emphasis on professional development. To execute this strategy, Melissa Nelson, Professional Development Manager, joined the team early this year to support training, coaching, and growth of our talent at all levels. 


Nelson earned a master’s degree in leadership and organizational development from Saint Louis University, and previously worked at two of the largest law firms in the nation. “What’s most exciting to me about LP is that we are truly on the leading-edge when it comes to strategically thinking about professional development,” said Nelson. “Embracing innovation allows for tailored approaches to development that you cannot achieve from traditional tactics. Our focus on the individual strengths of each attorney and staff member is a differentiator in our industry. We provide the resources and tools needed so each staff member can operate at his or her highest potential, and in turn, feel equipped to focus on the client experience.”

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