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Daily Three: July 9


July 9, 2020

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Today we want to share pieces of content that we ourselves are consuming, and on a topic that we all need now more than ever.  We recently polled our partners and many of the responses centered around resilience, with content ranging in perspective from various industries and across the spectrum of business leaders, from entrepreneurs to executives.

We hope you find these pieces interesting and helpful.


  1. The How I Built This podcast “How I Built Resilience” series. Each week the podcast’s host interviews founders and entrepreneurs across various industries about how they’re navigating these times.


  1. A Qualtrics blog piece on the "Three Phases for Heading Back to Business." Humans are amazingly resilient. Stay focused on people as you head back to business.


  1. Insights from Deloitte on the "New architectures of Resilience." Summed up with the question of whether you are restarting your old business or starting a new one, and rather than “bouncing back” to where you were before, consider embracing a more resilient architecture.


For more resources and LP's response to COVID-19, visit this webpage.

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