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Daily Three: July 22


July 22, 2020

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  1. A group of landlords recently filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order limiting evictions during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Although a ruling would not affect the eviction limitations imposed by local governments, like the City of Chicago, any decision rendered in the case could still affect landlords and tenants statewide. Read our update on today’s hearing. Authored by Josh Bashioum and Jamie Burns


  1. After a four-month hiatus, most Cook County judges have started scheduling remote hearings. Learn what this means for filing motions and why now might be the perfect time to settle your case. Authored by Erin Mayer


  1. Work-life balance is often discussed in the workplace; however, such discussions have invariably concluded that there is no universal understanding of what work-life balance really means or if it can be achieved. As businesses slowly reopen to their customers and employees, and as employees are being presented with the plans to educate their children in the upcoming school year, the issues associated with work-life balance have become increasingly complicated. Learn how employers can better support employee work-life balance. Authored by Mary Wasik


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