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We’re building a new website, and we want you to be featured on it.

The Concept

We built a new and better that will be launching soon. Sure, technically speaking, it’s an improved user experience. (It will be mobile friendly!) But that is not the main reason for overhauling our website. We did it to make sure our clients are a focus. We are nothing without our clients, so our focus begins with their voice. 

How This Impacts You

On the new, you will find information you have come to expect from a law firm website – practice area pagesattorney biosopen positions – but you will also find a lot more information about our clients, including who they are, what they do, how they work with LP, and how they are like you. We do not want to do all the talking, and by letting you showcase who you are and what you do, visitors to our site can learn more about the people in our network and, in turn, us. Creating connections is one of the ways we deliver on the client experience and the new site is another way to make those connections. 


An Opportunity for You

Be featured on our new website in one of the following places:

  • Client Profiles - Our clients do interesting things and serve a variety of sectors and audiences, so we want to feature them on our site as prominently as our own attorneys with a client profile. Developing this profile is not time-consuming - it's no more than a few questions. Add your voice to our site and connect with our broader network. Fill out your client profile here if you would like to be featured.
  • Client References - Clients choose to work with LP based on certain factors: Our approach to pricing, experience, network, reliability and responsiveness, for example, are common reasons. If you agree or feel strongly about how LP has met or exceeded your expectations in any of these ways, please let us know. You could be a featured client reference.