The Three P's


Planning and perfecting our pricing, process improvement and project management. Have we peaked your interest?

What We Did

Client value is built at the intersection of pricing, process improvement, and project management - the three P's. We have always focused on the three P’s to inform how we provide you an exceptional client experience. In fall of 2015, all LP partners participated in a highly-interactive workshop on defining legal scope, where they examined a current matter and mapped out client objectives, concerns or risks with the transaction, and ways to ensure success with the matter. 

More recently, we turned to project management with the attorneys and firm directors attending a day-long training session on the topic. They met to discuss methods and steps that improved workflow and communication in and between LP's practice groups.  As LP becomes increasingly more aware that your client experience is one of our competitive distinctions and advantages, we felt it necessary to grow practice group systems that support it.  


How This Impacts You

LP’s client service pledge has several objectives: to know our clients; to move with speed and quality; to firmly establish expectations and then beat them; and not to surprise our clients – be it with unexpected bills or missed deadlines. We want to know you and work as efficiently for you as possible. By focusing on the three P’s, we adhere to our pledge and provide you with a better client experience.