Tell Your Story

If there’s text and video available on the same page, 59% of senior executives will watch the video. How are you using video?

What We Did

In 2015, we doubled down on our use of video. We used it in everything from our lateral recruiting site, to RFP responses, to our annual holiday gift. The response was overwhelming. We learned that letting our clients and potential clients “meet” us – to see us and to hear us in our own words – was beneficial. That’s why in 2016 we’re thinking about and incorporating the use of video in ways we hadn’t imagined before.


How This Impacts You

We have this idea for a newsletter that's not a traditional law firm newsletter. We want to do something different and, we believe, much more productive than a rundown of our latest and greatest achievements. The idea is that we pose one interesting question to six people – a mix of LP folks and you, our contacts. Those responses will be videoed, hosted on our website, and emailed to LP’s network. 

We value connecting people. We value growing our network. We value helping you. And we love video. So we’re doing all these things with our new One Question, One Degree monthly communication. It will allow us to share our network, our knowledge bank, and create connections while we do it. And who knows, being featured might help you make that one connection you've been dying to make. 


What You Can Do

Sign up for LP's One Question, One Degree and create some great video content. Send an email to for more information or to register.