Romanoff Road Show


Our managing partner is heading off on an LP road show this year.

The Concept

Beginning this year, our Managing Partner, Robert Romanoff, is meeting with several LP client and key referral sources to identify ways in which we can enhance the client experience. This goes beyond just making sure that we are providing exceptional legal services at a great value -- our client interview program is already designed to solicit that feedback.  Instead, Rob's conversations are aimed at gaining a greater understanding of our clients' strategic goals and the steps we might take to assist them, including ways beyond just providing great legal services.  


How This Impacts You

Meeting you on your turf is a deliberate way for us to gauge, not how we are doing serving you, but how you and your business is doing as a whole. It’s not about us. This is about understanding your needs. We pride ourselves on being not just your legal counsel, but strategic, trusted business advisors as well. Rob’s tour is one way for us to expand our conversation with you and to meet your needs. 


What You Can Do

Meet with Rob. He will come to you, no matter where you are. It’s on us. No pressure. It’s just a chat. No sales pitch involved. Email us here if you are interested.