Estate Planning at a Flat Rate


You have plenty of excuses not to call your attorney. Price shouldn’t be one.

What We Did

For years, the Trusts & Estates Practice Group has been improving the way it creates estate planning documents. The group knew that by fine tuning the process of drafting basic estate planning documents it could provide a significantly better client experience. With the help of LP's Manager of Process Improvement Eliot Levy, the T&E group was able to perfect its process and offer a flat rate for those services. Implementing a flat rate means the group can adhere to "no surprises" in LP's client service pledge as well as provide a higher level of client service without the added cost.


How This Impacts You

These process improvements mean our attorneys spend less time bogged down in document details. Said one T&E partner, "Since the drafting and review time has diminished, we can focus on spending more time with the client, which allows us to get to know our clients better and provide additional help on estate planning issues." In addition, flat fee pricing means our clients have less reservation to pick up the phone and call. We want you to call us whenever you have a question about your estate plan and never be worried that the meter is running.


What You Can Do

You don't need to do anything. Flat fee pricing has already been implemented with basic estate planning services. If you are a T&E client, you've likely seen this. And if you're not a T&E client, maybe it's time to ask why not.