Entity Data at Your Fingertips


Is your corporate governance house in order?

What We Did

As we noted in our spring LP Client Experience communication, LP offers extranets to our clients. These extranets can do a number of things: house critical documents, facilitate online secure payments and document collaboration, and provide access to key dates for matters with the click of a mouse. But for our corporate clients, these extranets can do even more now. Recently we rolled out a feature we’ve been developing that houses our corporate clients’ entity data in one place. This new feature allows us to display your entity data at your fingertips, all in LP’s secure extranet environment.


How This Impacts You

You might have three companies or 300. Regardless, keeping track of the information associated with each can be challenging. What our new extranet feature offers is a one-stop shop for all of your information. Your entity data for each of your companies can be housed in one place: Where your company is qualified, when its annual reports are due, who are the principals of the company, etc. We know that as corporate clients, having your entity data readily at hand saves you time as well as money, so this new feature is designed to do just that.


What You Can Do

If you’re a corporate client (or would like to become one) ask the LP partner, associate or paralegal you work with about the process of setting up an extranet and populating it with your entity data.