Dining with a Purpose


It's a time to stop, collaborate, listen.

The Concept

Lawyers eat. Big deal. Why would you care if our partners have dinner together? Because it’s not about the food: It’s about our clients’ needs and using collaboration – one of LP’s core values – to address them. To us, collaboration means diversity of perspective, diversity of opinion.


We are always seeking ways to improve our ability to meet the needs of all our clients, and while one practice group may be providing a client an unparalleled experience, we want to be proactive in ensuring that all their legal and business needs are met. So when we plan Collaboration Dinners, our partners are broken into small groups with each group assigned to read a chapter in advance of the dinner from The Bigger Picture: Driving Client Value Through Collaboration. At the dinner, a member of LP’s executive committee facilitates a discussion about that chapter and how it relates to the delivery of our clients’ experience with LP.  


How This Impacts You

We are in the business of service, and as such, it is our responsibility to constantly seek ways to do it better. Collaboration leads to better client solutions by way of diversity. Clients will benefit from more creative results when professionals who possess a variety of skills, intellectual perspectives, interests and professional experience work together. Attorneys who look at challenges and opportunities from different lenses are much more likely to come up with innovative solutions than one dependent on a single view. By deliberately creating an environment for our teams to dialogue and share, we can more efficiently tackle our clients’ toughest problems knowing our partners can rely on shared knowledge and experience to inform their counsel. 


Our partners do not operate in a vacuum. They operate in an environment that values differing perspectives and collaboration. We think it’s the only way to do business.