Client Extranets


It’s kind of like Paypal, Dropbox, Word, and your calendar rolled into one. Sounds too good to be true, right?

What We Did

Almost every working professional nowadays deals with a constant influx of electronic communication. Information is scattered, and finding that one document your attorney sent three weeks ago shouldn’t be more than a two-second task. Like everything else at LP, it’s about client service and your client experience. That’s why we built extranets for you. We’re here to be great lawyers, not to serve as your glorified (and frankly, expensive) document administrators. Implementing dashboards that allowed us to make your complex transactions run much more smoothly was a top priority.

Client extranets provide things like:

  • Access to electronic documents
  • Access to open invoices
  • Facilitation of secure online payments
  • Access to all key dates for matters, which with a click of the mouse can be automatically added to client’s own calendaring program
  • Secure document collaboration

And for clients whom we represent in regard to corporate governance, there is an added component specifically for displaying entity data and information. 


How This Impacts You

We hope you’ve seen improvements from implementing an extranet already. Fewer calls to your lawyer is a good thing – and one that saves you money. We want you to have all the information you need right at your fingertips, and our client extranets are designed to do just that. Of course, we’re always more than happy to take your call, but hopefully it’s to strategize – not track down the latest draft of a contract.


What You Can Do

Think an extranet would make your life easier and add efficiency to your engagement? That’s what we want too. Contact your LP attorney to ask about setting one up.