Intellectual Property

Problems We Solve/What We Do

  • Protect clients’ IP patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets
  • Serve as outside IP General Counsel 
  • Help clients identify value in their IP 
  • Manage IP portfolios and filings
  • Provide analysis and opinions on what is protectable and how to avoid issues trouble with other people’s IP 
  • Help clients reduce overall costs of IP portfolio maintenance
  • Help clients take products to market clear of third-party IP 
  • Audit processes to help clients determine what IP they have, what is not protected, and how to best protect it
  • Perform IP due diligence when buying or selling a company 
  • Work with clients to develop IP strategies aligned with their short-term and longterm goals

Client Stats

IP Portfolio range
40% - IP
28% IP Clients work on flat fee basis

Top 3 Ways Our IP Clients Increased Value in 2017



Licensing and Cobranding


Strategic Portfolio Analysis and IP Culling


Filing in Emerging Countries


Representative Matters


Company Confidentiality Policy

An LP client with multiple U.S. and international offices and business units was challenged by inconsistent internal treatment of documents containing varying degrees of confidential and proprietary information. We worked with the client to develop a comprehensive company-wide documented confidentiality policy, including guidelines covering multiple categories (levels) of confidentiality and disclosure approval workflows for each category of documents.


Strategic IP Portfolio Review

A client with a large international patent portfolio was spending a substantial amount of money routinely maintaining patent filings without understanding the direct or strategic value of the filings and conducting meaningful cost-benefit analyses. LP worked with the client to identify patent filings covering outdated technology, having limited scope, and covering inventions that no longer were core to the business. We discussed monetization options (such as selling or licensing these patents) and helped the client undertake realistic cost-benefit analyses. In the end, the client substantially reduced the size of its patent portfolio and eliminated tens of thousands of dollars of unnecessary annual carrying costs.


New Product Patent Clearance

A client wanted to introduce a new product into a market saturated with nearly 100 patent filings owned by a competitor known to be particularly litigious in enforcing its patent rights. LP helped the client understand the scope of coverage of the competitor’s patent filings, and guided the client with development of the new product to successfully navigate the minefield of patents owned by the competitor.

Pricing Considerations and Options:

  • Trademark work is done mostly on a flat fee.
  • We will consider flat fees based on volumes of patent work.
  • We charge hourly for consulting and most opinions.
  • We work with clients to provide annual
    estimates on maintenance of IP portfolios.
  • For monthly retainers, we offer a blended rate.

We Make Our Clients Money/Save Our Clients Money By:

  • We make clients’ money by finding hidden and
    overlooked IP assets that increase business value.
  • We make clients’ money by identifying and
    monetizing non-core and non-strategic IP assets to
    generate revenue.
  • We save clients’ money by developing IP best
    practices to reduce legal fees on preventable IP
  • We save clients’ money by carefully aligning IP
    filing and prosecution strategies with business
    objectives to reduce long-term IP portfolio carrying costs.

Why Use LP's Intellectual Property Lawyers:


We are really good at helping clients tie IP decisions and investments to business strategies. Our level of sophistication and quality of work is on par with larger law firms, but at a lower cost.