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Surviving and Thriving In a Down Economy

Event Date

July 20, 2009

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1 minute


In conjunction with the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association’s (EDPA) annual TS2 Expo and Conference, Kerry Davidson, in the Labor and Employment Service Group, will present on Surviving and Thriving In a Down Economy. This session will discuss staying focused on saving our vision during this historic time in our economy. With companies proceeding cautiously and cutting their expenses, we feel the impact trickling down into the exhibit and event marketing industry. The focus of our companies is on managing our expenses and increasing Sales. The EDPA is dedicated to providing participants with expert insight to survive and thrive in this challenging economy.

Other panelists include Linda Musgrove, President of the Trade Show Training firm, Trade Show Teacher and Kenneth R. Yager, II, Principal with Morris Anderson.

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