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Survey Results: How Will The Obama Administration Handle Corporate Crime?


March 2, 2009

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“Two factors will drive Department of Justice enforcement activity under the new Obama Administration. First, the Department will have to contend with the fallout of our current financial crisis, the worst since the Great Depression. As such, while the Department will continue to help fight the war on terror, more resources will be devoted to investigating and prosecuting white collar crime in the area of financial fraud, including mortgage fraud and possible fraud and abuse in the TARP program.

Second, this Administration is, in many respects, a classic Democratic administration in terms of its enforcement priorities. Eric Holder, the new Attorney General, and other administration officials, have made clear that they intend to ramp up enforcement in the areas of antitrust and market manipulation; consumer protection (such as food and drug safety); environmental crimes; and civil rights. Some of this enforcement will be primarily civil, though financial, environmental, and consumer protection enforcement will be – in that order – the subject of more criminal enforcement,” Stitcher said.

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