Stuart Kohn to Speak at Annual Notre Dame T&E Planning Institute

Century Center- South Bend, Indiana

September 18, 2015

Trusts & Estates Partner, Stuart Kohn will be a speaker in Notre Dame’s 41 Annual Tax and Estate Planning Institute. Stuart along with two others will present on topic ‘Your GPS On Moving to a Lower Tax State.’

This topic includes two parts:

  • Part 1: Tax Landscape, Overview Of Residence, Domicile and Specific State Laws
  • Part 2: Applicable Case Law, Checklists for How to Change Residence/Domicile and How Much You Can Really

The Annual Institute will continue to present topics that are relevant regardless of whether or not a family is exposed to the estate tax. In addition to estate planning topics for high net worth individuals, the Institute devotes sessions to income tax planning techniques that provide immediate tax benefits that need not wait until one’s death.


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