Shelly Leonida Quoted in Law360 on Making a Lateral Move

January 10, 2016

Levenfeld Pearlstein's HR Director Shelly Leonida was quoted in Law360's article 'The Questions You Need To Ask Before Making A Lateral Move.'

Shelly said, "The information laterals should request of prospective employers is critical, but often so daunting that we've created online resources to guide them through the process. That said, probing questions that expose a firm's culture are too often overlooked. The most important of these is: Does this firm have a motivating purpose beyond the production of income for individual lawyers? If it doesn't, the firm does not have a culture at all. It's just a series of offices, which exist to house individual lawyers while they bill time. Additional questions that speak to a firm's culture include the degree to which practices are siloed, whether the firm carries any debt, and importantly, the experience of recent laterals."


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