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Robert Connolly Profiled in Chicago Lawyer about LP’s Partnership


March 2, 2016

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Robert Connolly was one of three attorneys profiled in Chicago Lawyer articled titled “Getting to the Top of the Heap.” The article discusses the fierce competition today among associates looking to become an equity partner despite the fact that becoming an equity partner is far more challenging today that it was 30 years ago. From the article: “Thirty years ago, large law firms averaged a lawyer-to-equity-partner ratio of 1.75. That number today is about 3.5, meaning there are twice as many lawyers for every equity partner.”

Rob, who became an income partner earlier this year, provided a different perspective to the other attorneys profiled – both who work for much larger Chicago firms. He discussed LP’s honesty and transparency when it comes to promotion and partner tracks. In 2008, LP published a list of guidelines expected of associates before they made income partner. Rob said those guidelines helped him see a clear path to becoming an LP partner. 

“From Day One, I never felt like I was in the dark about here I stood professionally and where I was with respect to the partnership track,” he said. “I think the firm does really, really well in marking sure that the associates know where they’re at and what they need to do to get to partnership if that’s what the associate wants.”

Rob continues in the article by discussing the new set of guidelines before him now that he’s on a professional path to becoming an equity partner – a clear set of requirements provided by LP, which focus on the importance of business generation.

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