LP Launches One Question, One Degree

May 05, 2016

LP launched a first-of-its-kind email series. The idea is simple.  We pose one question to six different people, we video their responses and then share them with our network. Why?

LP relies on our network of clients, advisors, trusted friends, and colleagues to help us learn, grow, and connect. Because we believe there are a lot more connections to be made in our network, we started One Question, One Degree - a monthly videos series that asks insightful, business-related questions to people in our network. Sure you'll see some familiar LP faces, but we hope to gradually introduce you to our network at large. In fact, we hope you'll consider participating.

Having trouble keeping up with email? Have you found yourself relying on the telephone lately as a more impactful means of communication? Are you delighted and overwhelmed by all the ways technology can transform your business? You're not the only one. See what our network has to say in our first question: How has technology created challenges or opportunities in your business?

Everything begins with the right people.

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