LP Hosts Risk Management Roundtable for Midsize Law Firms, Sponsored by CNA

Levenfeld Pearlstein's Chicago office

March 20, 2013

Levenfeld Pearlstein, in partnership with CNA, is pleased to be hosting a complimentary seminar focusing on risk management for midsize law firms. The roundtable will explore the cultural challenges encountered by midsize law firms in managing and mitigating professional liability exposures. This program will present a unique opportunity to discuss these important issues with your peers. We also will explore current trends in claims brought against midsize law firms.
CNA is a leading professional liability insurer of large law firms in the United States, with 50 years of experience in providing insurance solutions and risk management services to law firms and attorneys.

Levenfeld Pearlstein’s daily mission is to create a consistent, exceptional client experience. From the beginning, our focus has been building business relationships with clients as trusted strategic advisors, not just as lawyers. Our attorneys understand their clients’ business and industry inside and out, and seek legal solutions that support the client’s long-term business strategy as well as short term needs.


Managing Partners, General Counsels, Risk Managers, Ethics/Risk Management Partners
Gary Blackman, Esq., General Counsel, Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC
Sean Ginty, Esq.,Risk Control Consulting Director, Lawyers Professional Liability, Chicago
Lisa Jaffee, Esq., Risk Control Consulting Director, Lawyers Professional Liability, New York
Shauna Reeder, Esq., AVP, Lawyers Professional Liability Claims, New York
Attendee Input:

In order to ensure that the seminar content is comprehensive and customized to our audience, CNA looks forward to hearing from you on any topics or related questions you wish to be addressed. Please email Maryanne Brenna at with comments or questions.


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