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Levenfeld Pearlstein’s Sustainability Policy


December 23, 2010

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Since its inception, Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC (the “Firm”) has been committed to all-around excellence rather than mere growth and money. While we have expanded, we have continued to feed our passion to accomplish large and meaningful objectives that impact society. It is through this commitment to each other in building not only a great place to work and earn a living, that we will continue to accomplish great things as a Firm.

Participation as the first law Firm in the country to adopt the American Bar Association Model Sustainability Policy and Implementation Guidelines – being economically prosperous while at the same time caring about each other, helping our community and preserving the earth’s resources – helps us accomplish our goals. The adoption and implementation of this Sustainability Policy will not only strengthen our Firm’s reputation or “brand,” but the Firm’s efficiency, productivity and employee recruitment and retention. It will more closely align the Firm with the growing legions of current and/or potential clients who are now embracing sustainability. Moreover, this tool is consistent the Firm’s continued appreciation for the critical social, environmental and economic issues that lie ahead for society as a whole, and ultimately, for our clients and the Firm itself.

Click here to read our complete Commitment to Sustainability.

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