Levenfeld Pearlstein Pioneers Environmental Responsibility Initiative in Chicago Legal Community

April 03, 2007

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Jason Milch: 312.846.9647

CHICAGO – Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC is pleased to announce that it has become the first Chicago-based law firm to commit to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, widely believed to contribute to global warming. This week the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), North America’s only greenhouse gas emissions registry, reduction, and trading system.

“Global warming poses a significant threat to us all,” said James D. Brusslan, head of Levenfeld Pearlstein’s Environmental Law Service Group. “Even those of us who work in offices are contributing to global warming, either through the electricity that we consume or the vehicles in which we travel to and from work. So in reality, we all have a responsibility to take action to reduce our carbon footprint."

Levenfeld Pearlstein has committed to purchasing Carbon Financial Instrument™ contracts (CFIs), the CCX tradable commodity, sufficient to match the greenhouse gas emissions of both its direct energy consumption and the business and commuting travel by its attorneys and staff. Using methodology developed by CCX, the quantity of these emissions is estimated to be approximately 1,600 metric tons of carbon per year. Levenfeld Pearlstein’s indirect emissions will be audited annually by NASD, CCX’s third party verifier, as part of its CCX commitment. The CFIs the firm will purchase are generated by emission cuts by other CCX participants. Offsets purchased by the firm will arise from third-party verified mitigation projects such as carbon sequestration and renewable energy projects.

“CCX is glad to welcome the first Chicago-based law firm to its family of members. We look forward to Levenfeld Pearlstein’s participation in the Exchange,” said Richard L. Sandor, CCX Chairman and CEO.

The CCX is North America’s only, and the world’s first, greenhouse gas emission registry, reduction and trading system for all six greenhouse gases. CCX is a self-regulatory, rules-based exchange designed and governed by its members. Members make a voluntary but legally binding commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are proud to be the first Chicago law firm to join the Chicago Climate Exchange,” said Bryan I. Schwartz, chairman of Levenfeld Pearlstein. “As active members of the communities in which we conduct our business, we feel that it is critical to act in a socially responsible manner. While law firms in general are not large producers of greenhouse gases, it is nonetheless important that those with the necessary resources commit to helping to preserve the environment.”

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