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Speaking Engagements / La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe

Lauren Wolven to Present on Estate Planning in the Modern Age


October 24, 2019

Event Time

8:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Read Time

2 minutes


The Santa Fe Estate Planning Council invites you to join Lauren J. Wolven for the 2019 Annual Seminar on Estate Planning in the Modern Age.

Estate planning in the modern age requires advisors to be nimble and forward-thinking. Liability risks are at every turn in a society that increasingly embraces litigation. This presentation will cover three hot topics that every advisor should be thinking about: Engagement letters, dealing with difficult beneficiaries, and planning for LGBTQ persons.

Engagement letters are a part of life for most estate planning attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors. Even trust and estate professionals within financial institutions need to establish an initial connection and rules for beneficiaries. This portion of the presentation will cover recent case law discussing engagement letters, ethics, best practices and tips for mastering the art of the engagement letter. While this may sound like a dry subject… it's not. You'll have great takeaways from this part of the presentation … and more important, the elusive ethics hour!

Addiction and mental health issues present significant risks to family well-being and wealth preservation, and recent research suggests higher incidence of these issues within affluent communities. This portion of the presentation will address techniques for navigating special family dynamics where a situation involves individuals who face mental health or substance abuse challenges, autism spectrum and other executive functioning disorders. Look forward to a dynamic presentation concerning a topic unfortunately too much a part of all of our practices.

Lastly, the presentation will cover planning for families with LGBTQ+ persons. Although marriage equality is now recognized in every state, there are still many things we can all learn to better counsel our clients with respect to issues faced by LGBTQ persons. Topics to be addressed include sensitivities when working with families who are or have LGBTQ members, the proper terminology to use, and legal issues that arise with respect to gender transition, international travel, family planning, schools, public accommodations, and sports.


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