Lauren Wolven Discusses Same-Sex Marriage in USA Today

June 29, 2015

Trusts & Estates Partner Lauren Wolven is quoted in “All things financial now the same for same-sex married couples,” published by USA Today. Wolven explains that while some issues, such as application of common-law marriage will remain, the Supreme Court’s decision will ultimately make the legal and financial lives of the majority of same-sex couples much easier. The article highlights many of these benefits, including prenuptial and mutual adoption agreements, married filing jointly federal and state income tax returns, and additional retirement plan options. "The practical reality that these couples may face ongoing resistance from certain individuals or institutions continues to make it important for same-sex couples to have powers of attorney for property and health care, as well as properly completed beneficiary designations and estate planning documents," Wolven said. "Policies and procedures for account and estate administration may take some time to catch up to a change in the law, and so the 'belt-and-suspenders' approach will avoid difficulty in the interim."


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