Kevin Corrigan participated in industry leaders' roundtable on strategic facilities management

IBM Building

March 27, 2013

Kevin Corrigan, Levenfeld Pearlstein's Director of Administration, participated in an invitation-only strategic facilities management roundtable, and the second stage of a globally renowned strategic facilities management research initiative. The study, led by ex-Harvard Professor James Ware, builds on the Raising the Bar report that was published by RICS* at the end of last year and has been well received in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Brazil.

The two-hour invite-only roundtable, moderated by Dr. Ware, invited participants to discuss a number of questions and exchange personal experiences around topics such as: 

  • the strategic impact of FM
  • where FM reports in the organization (and what difference it makes)
  • how FM's performance is measured (and how it should be measured)
  • the challenges of aligning FM with business, financial, HR, and IT strategies

The discussions were captured and incorporated into the final global research, which will be launched at a series of events in mid-2013.




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