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Jason Hirsh Named to 40 Under 40 List


October 6, 2015

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An interview with six year old Jackson Hirsh to discuss lawyers, his dad's inclusion on the
2015 list 40 under 40, and other life musings.


Why do you think your dad won this award?

Because he works the hardest.

How do you know that?

Because I’ve been to his office and every time there’s a phone call, he doesn’t ignore it. He always answers the phone.

How do you think lawyers help people?

By stopping arguments that could go on forever.

How do they do that?

With a judge; If the lawyer is arguing against another lawyer they go get a judge.

What do they argue about?

Well I don’t really know, but if like, one person says “hey, you took my thing” and then they would call a lawyer to help them with the judge decide what’s right. But that’s just an example. How many kids do you have


Yes, you.

Then you could be a judge. 


LP Congratulates
on this award and welcome him to the ranks of our lawyers names as 40 under 40's.




​What do you think makes a good lawyer?

Working hard, being considerate, solving problems, giving money to charity after you earn it and not lying to someone. I think that makes a good lawyer.

Wait, Does 40 Under 40 come with money?

No. Bummer, because we are saving for something.

What are you saving for?

A metal detector.

What does your dad do when he’s not working?

Play with us.

What do you like to play?
Science. My dad is really good at it, like mixing baking soda and vinegar, mining for gems and dinosaur digs.

If you could give your dad an award what would it be for?

I would give him an award for being the best dad ever.


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