George Spathis to Present for NBI on Top 9 Mistakes Made in Business Contracts

Video Webcast

March 19, 2019 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM CST

Litigation Partner George Spathis will be a speaker in the National Business Institute’s video webcast on the “Top 9 Mistakes Made in Business Contracts.”

All attorneys know that risks are inherent in contract drafting, yet even seasoned practitioners have fallen prey to pitfalls. George and co-presenter Jon Farnsworth will provide knowledge for detecting and thwarting the top business contract mistakes before they damage your practice record and your conscience. Fine-tune your drafting skills and pick up real-world strategies for negotiating and structuring the most precarious provisions.

  • Learn valuable lessons from case law, trends and real-world examples of business contract provisions gone wrong.
  • Pick up practical strategies for negotiating with the other party and pushing past impasses.
  • Gain tips for negotiating and drafting valid indemnification and liquidated damages clauses.
  • Identify language you should never use when drafting limitation of liability and insurance provisions.
  • Examine how courts have interpreted different competition and confidentiality terms.
  • Avoid key traps and learn proven tactics for structuring reps and warranties in your client's best favor.
  • Draft effective remedy terms and dispute resolution provisions that will resolve disputes quickly and cleanly.

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