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LP in Forbes: “Real Change Requires Leadership Not Consensus”


November 6, 2017

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Share published an article in its business section about Levenfeld Pearlstein titled "Real Change Requires Leadership Not Consensus." David Parnell, a Forbes contributor covering the evolving business, politics, and psychology of BigLaw, authored the article which explains how LP competes in an increasingly competitive market with middle market as well as Am Law 200 firms.

The article is wide-ranging in its discussion of LP's structure and processes but highlights how we attract and retain talent, how the firm is structured around the client experience, and how transparency has and continues to be a driving force within the firm. 

From the article, re LP's approach to pricing transparency:

"We choose transparency internally with our lawyers and staff and externally with our clients based upon our commitment of 'no surprises.' The starting point of any client experience strategy is to appropriately establish and to manage client expectations. At a minimum, this requires complete transparency of key aspects of the business relationship, chief among these is pricing. In no other industry, save perhaps the medical industry, does the price come at the end of the work. Where is the element of consumer choice in this model? It doesn’t exist."

To read the article in its entirety, click here.


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