ETHICS: Spotting Conflicts of Interest in Prosecution, Litigation & Opinion Work

Offices of Levenfeld Pearlstein

November 12, 2013

A simultaneous in-person and a live video conference luncheon/ breakfast Ethics CLE originating from Atlanta with remote sites in Chicago (at LP's Chicago office), Denver, Detroit, Irvine, New York, Palo Alto, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Winston Salem.


Program Description:

Spotting conflicts of interest in patent practice is not easy.  Checking the names of opposing parties in litigation is only the beginning.   For example, a lawyer who successfully represents a patentee in an infringement suit may cause a client to owe indemnity to the defendant.  Further, even arguing claim construction has been held to be adverse to a client who is not a party to that patent suit.  Opinion work and prosecution create even thornier issues.  To help spot conflicts of interest, Professor Hricik will explain how adversity can arise even without suing a client, and then apply those lessons to opinion work and patent prosecution.


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