ESI Risk Management Symposium

Chicago, Illinois

June 14, 2007

More than 16 billion e-mail messages are sent and received each day in corporate America, and the vast majority of the documents that U.S. businesses generate exist only in electronic format. Companies are legally required to protect and preserve relevant electronically stored information or "ESI" as soon as a lawsuit investigation is anticipated. Given recent and sweeping amendments to Federal rules, as well as the adoption of zero-tolerance policies by regulators, even the inadvertent deletion of relevant data can result in outcome determinative fines, sanctions, and default judgements.

This symposium is sponsored by Levenfeld Pearlstein's ESI Task Force and Forensicon, Inc., Computer Forensic Consultants. Attendees will learn about the nature and scope of the data preservation and management obligations, as well as the proactive steps they can take now - before a lawsuit or investigation even begins - to minimize the substantial burdens and costs associated with ESI compliance.

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