E-Discovery: Searching the Virtual File Cabinets

The Conference Center at UBS Tower One North Wacker Drive Second Floor Chicago, Illinois 60606

September 19, 2008


This basic-to-intermediate level seminar offers a comprehensive overview of e-discovery rules and procedure and will benefit:

  • Attorneys
  • In-House Counsel
  • Paralegals and Legal Assistants
  • IT Specialists



Comply With State and Federal Rules and Find the Digital "Smoking Gun"

With the federal rules in place and state courts rapidly adopting and interpreting the law locally, e-discovery is here to stay. With such a tremendous inflow of information, you can spend all your nights and weekends poring over case summaries, court dockets and regulations updates. Or you can spend one day in a dynamic discussion of litigation attorneys' real-life challenges and strategies and walk away with a solid foundation for requesting, obtaining and interpreting ESI. Gain a fundamental understanding of e-discovery and its role in your practice, so you can comply with the rapidly evolving federal and state regulations and use ESI in more cases without sending the clients to the poor house. Register today!

Develop the specialized vocabulary used in e-discovery practice and improve your communication with IT professionals and opposing counsel. (reduce margin of error in communication)

Don't inadvertently drive discovery costs through the roof – gain practical tips for limiting the scope of e-discovery and using a targeted approach to your data search. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest update on how FRCP e-discovery rules are being interpreted by the courts. Don't let the opposing party drown the 'smoking gun' in oceans of data – learn how to draft crystal clear requests for production that leave nothing to interpretation.

Discover what data formats volunteer the least information to opposing counsel. Maintain an impeccable reputation with practical tips for upholding ethical standards of confidentiality. Find out what questions will yield honest answers in deposing data custodians.

Discuss what e-discovery liaisons can do for you and determine which cases may merit their involvement.

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