Dakoff quoted in Law Bulletin article, "Divvy station sparks lawsuit"

August 23, 2013

Community Association partner Howard Dakoff was quoted in the August 22, 2013 Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article, "Divvy station sparks lawsuit."  The article discusses the legal ramifications of a topic many have already been discussing as of late- the presence of new Divvy bike sharing stations.  One particular station in the Lakeview neighborhood has resulted in a lawsuit by a Lakeview condominium association, who is asking a Cook County judge to have the station removed from outside its building.  The suit alleges that the station will "reduce property values; add noise, trash and congestion; and possibly endanger children living in the building." 

Dakoff, who concentrates his practice in community association law, noted that the suit will likely be dismissed.  He explained that, "(t)he city of Chicago can install street lights when it wants, street signs, benches on the sidewalk, bus stops on sidewalks and they can install a Divvy bicycle system on the sidewalk if they want."

For those with a subscription to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, you can find the full article here.




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