Community Association Manager Licensing Will Become A Reality

December 14, 2011

Author: Mark D. Pearlstein

From the Fall 2011 issue of "Common Interest."

The Community Association Manager Licensing Act was adopted in August, 2009. Consistent with State requirements for licenses, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, with the assistance of the Community Association Manager Licensing Board, has begun the process of publishing regulations for the licensing program. All managers must have a license within one (1) year after the licensing rules become final. Based upon the current timetable, managers will have to obtain a license by August 31, 2012, or shortly thereafter.

Members of the Community Association industry must keep in mind the intent of this new law, which is to ensure that those who hold themselves out as possessing professional qualifications, to engage in community management services, are in fact qualified to render those services. The law has been designed to provide for the maintenance of high standards of professional conduct by those who manage community associations and hold community association funds.

The Statute was designed to ensure that both the administration and discipline of managers is overseen by people in the industry. The Statute designates the Community Association Manager Licensing and Disciplinary Board. the role of the Board is to advise the Department of Business and Professional Regulation on all aspects of licensing rules, enforcement and administration of the program. Recognizing that people in the industry and Board members have a clear practical knowledge of the roles and limitations of community association managers, the Board consists of of seven (7) persons with five (5) managers and two (2) owners in community associations. The Board acts as the official advisor to the Department.

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