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The City of Chicago Honors Mark Pearlstein


April 22, 2013

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The Office of the Mayor of the City of Chicago and the Chicago City Council recently paid tribute to firm founding partner, Mark Pearlstein through an official commemoration of his life, a rare and worthy honor for an attorney who impacted so many in our community, both professionally and personally.  Mark passed away on December 11, 2012 after an extended illness.

The commemoration, passed on January 17, 2013, makes special mention of Mark’s devotion to his family and his extensive contributions to the legal profession throughout his long and full career, including his role as primary architect of the Illinois Community Association Manager Licensing Act.

“We are deeply thankful for this fitting tribute to Mark from the Mayor’s office and the City Council,” said Rob Romanoff, Levenfeld Pearlstein’s managing partner.  “He continues to serves as a professional model for us as a firm, and it is tremendously gratifying to see him honored in this way.”

The commemoration reads in full:

1/17/2013 AGREED CALENDAR 45743

WHEREAS, A resident of Northbrook, Mark D. Pearlstein was a widely admired member

of the legal community and the devoted husband for 37 years of Lynn, nee Kaplan; and


WHEREAS, Mark D. Pearlstein was the much-adored father of Scott and Jamee and the

brother of Elinor to whom he imparted many of the fine and noble qualities that he possessed

in abundance; and


WHEREAS, Born in California and raised in Illinois, Mark D. Pearlstein graduated from the

University of Illinois at Chicago and DePaul University College of Law; and


WHEREAS, Mark D. Pearlstein was a founding partner of Levenfeld Pearlstein LLC and

specialized in community association law; and


WHEREAS, For the past 24 years, Mark D. Pearlstein wrote the "Condo Adviser" column

in the Real Estate Section of the Chicago Tribune; and


WHEREAS, Mark D. Pearlstein was a primary architect of the Community Association

Manager Licensing Act which regulates and licenses property managers in the State of

Illinois; and


WHEREAS, Mark D. Pearlstein was frequently honored for his outstanding legal work and

was a 2009 recipient of the National Award of Excellence in Government bestowed by the

Community Associations Institute; and


WHEREAS, The hard work, sacrifice and dedication of Mark D. Pearlstein serve as an

example to all; and


WHEREAS, His love of life and ability to live it to the fullest endeared Mark D. Pearlstein

to his family members, friends and all who knew him, and enabled him to enrich their lives

in ways they will never forget; and


WHEREAS, To his beloved family, Mark D. Pearlstein imparts a legacy of faithfulness,

service and dignity; now, therefore,

Be It Resolved, That we, the Mayor and the members of the Chicago City Council,

assembled this 17th day of January 2013, do hereby commemorate Mark D. Pearlstein for his

grace-filled life and do hereby express our condolences to his family; and

Be It Further Resolved, That a suitable copy of this resolution be presented to the family

of Mark D. Pearlstein.

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