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Bryan Schwartz Perspective on Sabbatical Featured in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin


October 3, 2013

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Earlier this year, firm chairman Bryan Schwartz made the decision to take a month-long sabbatical.  The decision was and is such a rarity, especially among modern attorneys, that his time "unplugged" has been featured in both local and national legal publications.  In addition to his feature in the National Law Journal, the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin recently published the article, "For Type A personality, sabbatical just the ticket." The article discusses what Bryan gave up during his month away (work email, the news) and what he gained (perspective, focus, renewed energy) as a result.  

From the article:

“I needed this perspective … because these are my prime time years as a lawyer,” he said.  “I realized I wasn’t indispensable and I had a firm that could stand behind me,” Schwartz said. “You can have a life and work hard and have a degree of connectivity that doesn’t rule your life.”

LP's Managing Partner, Rob Romanoff, noted that Bryan's time away helped him focus on what he wants to do moving forward after a transitional year. He said Schwartz did an “exceptional job” connecting colleagues with his clients before the time off, which helped “institutionalize” clients with the firm.  Gary Blackman, the firm's General Counsel, noted that Schwartz seems happier and less burdened and added that a lawyer who is happy and well-balanced will be a better service provider in the long run, he said, and “the better a person is, the better the firm.”  

For those with a subscription to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, you can read the full article here.


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