Blake Schulman to be Panelist in Financial Poise Real Estate Webinar


April 29, 2016

Real Estate Partner, Blake Schulman will be a panelist in Financial Poise and West LegalEdcenter’s ‘Real Estate Dumbed Down’ Webinar series. Blake among other panelists will present “Due Diligence in Real Estate Deals,” designed as an introduction for attorneys and business owners.

In every real estate deal, whether it involves the purchase of a single family home, a shopping mall, an industrial park, a skyscraper, or raw land, due diligence is key. The type of diligence (that is, what the potential buyer actually focuses on) will vary somewhat depending on what type of real estate is being purchased and what the buyer’s intended use for the real estate it. This Financial Poise™ webinar lays out the basics about due diligence in real estate transactions.

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