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The Aspiring Lateral: Support Systems


August 7, 2013

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Levenfeld Pearlstein will be authoring a new series of articles to be published on the legal website Above the Law. The article series, titled, “The Aspiring Lateral,” will analyze a variety of issues surrounding lateral moves, drawing on the firm’s experience in the lateral market as well as the individual experiences of LP attorneys.

The third installment in our article series is “The Aspiring Lateral: Support Systems,” written by LP’s Executive Director, Angela Hickey.

From the article:

Gladys Knight had the Pips, Han Solo had Chewbacca, and Walter White had Jessie Pinkman. To be successful, you need the right support — and that lesson is as true in legal practice as it is on the Millennium Falcon.
Lateral candidates, however, often travel to their new firms alone. How can they tell, ahead of time, whether this new firm will give them the support they need for their practice to flourish? What questions can they ask to discover what their new support system will look like? The first step in getting answers is to define what the oft-used term “support” really means…

Read the full article here.

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